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We have to hope and pray that MPs, especially Conservative ones,  will vote today with their conscience and not follow the Party Whip.

Over the past few weeks The Housekeeper Company has been busy lobbying MPs to get their support to get the amendment passed which would give protection to overseas domestic workers, as since the changes in 2012, it has been so frustrating not being able to help or offer the protection of an agency to domestic workers who have run away from abusive employers, as they are not allowed to legally work in the UK.

I urge all MPs voting today to look to their own conscience and support the House of Lords Amendment, no matter what your Party Whip tells you to do. It makes so little difference to net Migration in the UK and such a big difference to the lives of these poor abused domestic workers, whose main objective in working overseas is to support their families back home.

 There is a very interesting article in the Guardian Newspaper today, see link below, ahead of the House of Commons vote on the House of Lords amendment in favour of supporting the right of overseas domestic workers to leave abusive employers and find a new employer.



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